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Todays Soups & Specials


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Chicken Noodle

Small $4.49 | Large $5.49

French onion

Angus steak & cheddar

Turkey Chili

With Unlimited Toppings: Choose any cheese from our sandwich section & any topping from our create your own salad section (except shrimp) & put it in the special request box at no extra cost. TRY IT SERVED IN A BREAD BOWL!!! $1.50 xtra

Small $3.99 | Large $4.99

Beef Chili

With Unlimited Toppings: Choose any cheese from our sandwich section & any topping from our Create Your own salad section (except shrimp) & put it under the special request box for no extra cost. TRY IT SERVED IN A BREAD BOWL $1.50 xtra

Small $4,49 | Large $5.49

Hot Meals

Create your own Hot meal by choosing 1 meat, 1 vegetable & 1 side only $9.99 or order a la carte items seperately

Complete Meal$9.99

pick 1 meat 1 vegetable & 1 side

Ala Carte:1/2 bbq chicken$6.99

Ala Carte: chicken parmigian$6.99

Ala Carte: mac and cheese$5.99

Ala Carte: Beef stew$5.99

Ala Carte: mashed potatos$5.99

mashed potatos

Ala Carte: roasted potatos$5.99

Ala Carte: steamed vegetables $5.99

Ala Carte: rice$5.99



Soup & 1/2 Sandwich Combo$10.49

Small cup of soup of the day and your choice of 1/2 of any of today's Sandwich Specials
Numbers 1-6, Harbor's Wild & Crazy Creations 1-2

Soup & Salad Combo$10.49

Small soup of the day and your choice of a small chef, small caesar, small tossed or small chicken caesar salad.

Soup & Grilled Cheese Combo$10.49

Small soup of the day and a grilled cheese sandwich.

Soup & 1/2 Philly Cheesesteak Combo$10.49

A small soup of the day and 1/2 of a philly cheesesteak.

New Item of the Week$9.99

Boars head cajun roast beef topped with melted manchego & gruyere with chopped jalapenos, avocado & cajun mayo ona grilled thin crusted garlic panini

Soup & Chicken Pot Pie Combo$11.99

A small spup of the day & a chicken pot pie

Cucumber, tomato & red onion salad in vinagrette$10.49

Buffalo Chicken Tortellini Salad

Hot and spicy buffalo chicken over cheese tortellini in ranch dressing.
$10.49 (price per pound)

Fresh Made Salad of the Day:$10.99

Chic pea, kidney bean & artichoke salad

Specialty Wrap A$9.49

Grilled marinated lite zinfandel chicken, romaine, tomato & avocado

Specialty Wrap B$9.49

Boars head honey maple turkey with cole slaw & russian dressing


Boars head smoked turkey with brie, sliced cucumber & champagne  dressing on a toasted fresh made  cauliflower bun

GLUTEN FREE Cucumber Sandwich Special$10.99

boars head losalt roast beef with honey mustard & avocado stuffed inside a cucumber

GLUTEN FREE Avocado Sandwich Special$10.99

Grilled blackened chicken with bleu cheese & bacon on a 1/2 of an avocado

GLUTEN FREE Lettuce Wrap Special$10.99

Fresh roasted turkey with everything hummus & pepperjack cheese stuffed in a lettuce wrap

Sandwich Special #1$9.99

Fresh roasted turkey breast topped with sliced apple & blood orange vinagrette  dressing on  a  toasted cranberry baguette

Sandwich Special #2$9.99

Fresh cut beef gyro topped with melted feta cheese, red onion & gyro sauce on  grilled spicy  flatbread

Sandwich Special #3$9.99

Boars head cracked pepper turkey topped with  melted jalapeno havarti & buffalo wing sauce on a toasted ciabatta roll

Sandwich Special #4$9.99

Boars head everoast chicken topped with melted muenster & cucumber wasabi dressing on grilled wheat panita

Sandwich Special #6$9.99

Grilled chicken breast marinated in balsamic dressing topped with sliced fresh mozzarella & sweet peppers on a grilled & pressed whole wheat panini

Harbor's Wild & Crazy Creation$9.99

Boneless wings topped with melted bleu heese & korean bbq sauce on a grilled cheezy panini

Healthy Meal #1 $11.99

Fresh cut chicken gyro over a tossed Greek salad with sides of gyro sauce and Greek dressing

Healthy Meal #2$11.99

Grilled cilantro lime salmon over a bed of quinoa & side of cauliflower popcorn

Healthy Meal # 3 $11.99

A turkey burger topped wtih feta cheese, red onion & gyro sauce ona grilled pita bun with side of brussel sprouts

"You're My Hero"$7.99

boars head chipotle chicken